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JoJo Keane is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Dancer, Artist & Writer. Known for her Energy Healing work & Art into wellness programs. 


She is dedicated to the idea that self discovery is way to heal and create your best life. A trained yoga instructor, journey dance facilitator, and intuitive

energy healer she uses shamanic arts, hypnosis and many brain/body therapies.

She runs workshops in conscious dance, meditation, and mindfulness trainings for university dance programs, athletic teams, theatrical troupes and corporate workshops. 

JoJo works at the Omega Institute of Holistic Health, Kripalu, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Santa Fe dance studios, Art of Living Retreat Center, Mercy Center, Salt of the Earth Spa & Silver Hill Hospital helping clients maximize creative healing to find their right life, optimize mental and physical energy and get more out of life. She specializes in empowering you to become more intuitive and tap into the power within to self heal and release stuck trauma permanently.

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