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Are you brainzzled !?!

Too much static, making you Brainzzled - brain fried & frazzled.

Expressing the hi-definition movie that plays in my head can be exhausting. I have such a vivid imagination and I feel my emotions very intensely. I want to share it all with you, in 3-D surround sound. Often language seems a cheap thin broth compared to the hearty belly full I am ingesting. So why not do some yoga for the vernacular? Keep your 3rd eye wide open. And Imaginate ! That's why Urban dictionary was invented. I love these... 

Imaginate- the process of imagining, to form a mental picture, and believe in it. 

Brainswell - a surge of brilliant ideas!

Brainzzled - brain fried & frazzled.

(I think I invented this one, but I may have possibly heard it on a podcast.) 

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