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"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." pablo picasso

This harsh warning feels like just the fire cracker I need to be set off under my butt right now. Alrighty Pablo, you prolific mother fu$%k#er !   So, what are you not getting to?  I know I have my own lengthy list of procrastinations. From the mundane buttons not sewn on, to the poems not submitted or paintings not yet on canvas.  But I have gotten up everyday and did my imperfect best. The things not done yet, list in the millions and occasionally they haunt and keep me in a state of paranoid terror. But I'm sure if I were to read you the list out loud it might bore you to run to the DMV and get your license re-renewed. But for some reason the things I have completed are not on the top of my anguished mind like all the former ones. I hope Picasso's reminder that death's tap might be right around the corner will light your fire.  What do you not want to die having left undone?  What are you willing to let go of or to just go do so you can check them off your never-ending list. Show up I say. Stop thinking. Get off the couch, open that tube of paint, that journal, that sewing kit. Show up for yourself, for your friends, for your kids, for your cat. Show up in your pajamas! Show up even if your teeth are not whitened or your roots are grey. Just go out there and get in line and tell the universe "here I am, I am here."

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