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Can you relate?

Tied, tethered, pulling, choked, short lease?  Going nowhere, but running as fast as you can.

This is my dog, Piggy. The feistiest of Jack Russell terriers. He is single minded and going for it! To go meet another dog in this case. But the combination of the slippery floor, his toenails and Phil holding him tight made him reaching his goal exhausting and unfulfilling. The human of the other dog and I laughed our heads off, wishing we had that kind of stamina! This went on for at least 45 minutes straight. Trying to get something done or trying get somewhere can feel like running in place when the results or associated emotions with success are not felt in your body. Can you say hamster wheel? How long do we all effort before noticing the Universe is not supporting our intention. Or I got what I wanted but ... Now I want that.... run run run. A radical shift of focus of brain power is needed. Perhaps practicing surrender what you thought you wanted, even give up what eludes you and re-channel all that feisty energy of yours! Maybe meet the moment and the frustration by becoming obedient to the Universe. Want to bust your stubborn ego? Try a seated practice. Try a listening practice. Try on an obedient nature. Maybe there will be a treat in the end too! Pat yourself on the head. Sit. Good dog

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